My random thoughts on life as I prepare to enter the religious life this summer. "In the first place, you must never think that you are alone in deciding your future! And second: When deciding your future, you must not decide for yourself alone!" -Pope John Paul II

Monday, May 31, 2004

7 New Priests, Graduation, and Solemn Vows
For the Eastern Dominicans!

Over on the student webpage of the Dominican Friars of the St. Joseph province, you can see beautiful pictures from the recent priesthood ordinations, as well as pictures of graduation, and solemn vows.
The program for ordination is here.
The program for the profession is here.

Isn't it great to know they had 7 men ordained priests?
Let's keep the new priests, and vowed man in our prayers. We continue to ask God to bless the Church with holy and loving vocations.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

A Deacon's Directive, a joke

A temporary deacon when prepping the servers the night before his ordination Mass says to the book-bearer seminarian (who is eager for his own ordination one day), "All right, now, when you are kneeling before the Archbishop and next to the man to be ordained, just lean in, so the Archbishop's pinky is touching your head. It will solve all sorts of problems later."

This is just a joke, friends. It was actually said by one of our temporary deacons to an eager seminarian. Don't try this at home. It wouldn't work, anyway.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Now that I'm a B.A, what will you find me doing all day?

Enjoying the finer things of life, of course....

Wow! Look at our caps! We know how to party.

(Disclaimer: Actually, it really isn't me, seeing as how I'm only a B.A. and not a PhD or even a super cool Master. You can find this picture, here, where you can buy all the best in academic apparel.)

Nashville Vocations Retreat

Three of my college friends just got back from the vocations retreat with the Nashville Dominican sisters.

I talked to my good friend last night. Oh, the excitement she is feeling right now!

You know, that excitement is contagious. Hearing her talk about the week gets me excited. Knowing that there are groups of sisters with growth is so inspiring. Hearing stories about the sisters reaffirms my yes.

Thanks to the Dominican sisters, who in high school introduced me to this way of life, and this wonderful order. Their example is the best vocations advertisement I could ever think of.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Do not be afraid, have the strength to preach
From the daily Mass reading today:
One night in a vision the Lord said to Paul, "Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you. No one will attack and harm you, for I have many people in this city." Acts 18,9

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Picking a new name and other updates

I'm enjoying my summer! How nice to be done with papers, tests, and assigned readings. Now, for the fun stuff.

I stopped by the library and picked up a few books. The Saints,edited by John Coulson, has little entries on quite a few saints...464 pages of rocking saints, that's about 5000 saints, my friends.

I hope to take this book into the chapel and make an afternoon of it. Of course, picking a patron saint will take a long time. I've already posted my thinking regarding a name choice, check it out in the archives for 3/4/04. There is still a few months to decide.

I'm spending two weeks at the college seminary here at my alma mater. I have some things I need to finish up at school. It is nice to be in a community with a chapel, prayer, etc.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Stand and Sing After Communion!?!

At my friend's school, they request everyone stand and sing until the whole congregation receives Holy Communion.

My friend quotes the US Bishops Committee on the Liturgy document, "The Reception of Holy Communion at Mass." "For some, however, the singing of this hymn is perceived as an intrusion on their own prayer, their private thanksgiving after Communion. In fact, however, this hymn is prayer, the corporate thanksgiving prayer of the members of Christ"s Body, united with one another."

My friend writes, "After communion is not a time for private prayer but communal prayer by way of song as clearly stated in this exert from the new GIRM. Furthermore, it goes on to say that all gestures should be the same and unified to demonstrate the "community of Christ"...Thus, we stand afterwards to sing."

I've always been of the mindset that I want to adore and contemplate the Lord which I have just received. For me, my preferred prayer after reception is complete silence. I like to be able to thank God for what he gives me, as well as pray for all the intercessions I have promised to pray. Through intercessory prayer, I am uniting myself with those at the Mass, Christ within me, as well as the rest of the Body of Christ. I believe I am partaking in the communitarian nature of prayer.

HOWEVER, if the Bishops and the Holy Father are putting such an emphasis on the Communion hymn, I will follow their teaching. I thank my friend for clearing up my ignorant ways.

I note, however, that all the faithful should be given some time for private prayer after singing the hymn. I wouldn't mind singing after Communion, as long as a good chunk of time is still given for private prayer. It seems to me that the time for private prayer after the hymn is minimal. Praying after Mass is an option, but with the amount of noise on most days, it is not likely. (One could wear liturgical ear muffs, but, at the moment, I can't seem to find them on the Court Jester's site.) I guess all we can do is hope that more time will be given for private prayer after the hymn.

On the standing after communion issue,Francis Cardinal Arinze says it cannot be mandated, , "Generalis Missalis Romani, no. 43, is intended, on one hand, to ensure within broad limits a certain uniformity of posture within the congregation for the various parts of the celebration of the Holy Mass, and on the other, to not regulate posture rigidly in such a way that those who wish to kneel or sit would no longer be free."

Also relevant to the topic, a link from the Court Jester's site: Should I Stand or Should I Kneel MP3 sung to the Clash song! Liturgical rock at its finest.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

That's all she wrote: Graduation

I graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa on Sunday. What a mix of emotions going on right now. I'm excited for the future, I'm happy to be done with papers, exams, and the like, but I am sad to have to leave my friends, professors, and the environment of college. Of course, I have great things to look forward to. I believe there are pains and joys with each move in life.

I thank God for my time at Loras, for my dear group of friends, teachers, mentors, and associates. It has been such a privilege to experience the community over the last four years. I sincerely wish I could spend the next years with these people. Now I leave, and saying goodbye is tough.

Though I am sad to have to depart Loras, I know that we have spent our time well. Now, I must entrust all of my loved ones to our all mighty Lord. I know He has plans for each of them. I can't be selfish and take my friends with me. I know that they are being called to other places. I know they have great things to accomplish. I thank God for bringing us to this place, together. For those graduating, may we we go out to the world, take what we learned, and use if to further His Kingdom.

Next year I'll be in Denver, Colorado, with the Dominicans in the novitiate. I'll have plenty of time to pray for all of my friends. We will be united in our Lord. We can't go it alone. We need each other. As I believe Julie has often said on her blog, being in the cloister can be so valuable to our friends and loved ones. I hope we will be. I know they will be so important for me, as I ask them to support me in prayer.

My prayer for all of my beloved Duhawks (What is a Duhawk? Click here.):

Thank you Jesus for your blessings the past four years, please continue to bless these dear friends with your love and mercy. May we always do your Holy will. May your love transform our lives to live in you always. May we start with prayer and take that love to enlighten the darkness of the world. We love you and give ourselves to you this night. Here we are, ready to love and serve you. Amen.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

It is a Groundbreaking Post: Malkovich and Merton

On recommendation of my good friend Andy G., I post on a much lighter topic. (Thanks to all those who added comments to the last post.)

Andy G. believes we should make a movie on the life of Thomas Merton. John Malkovich should play the part of Merton. They do look ridicolously similar, don't they? Notice the contemplative gaze of both men.

John Malkovich is one of my favorite actors, if not my favorite. Seriously. So, consider this post the beginning of the petition to get "them" to make a movie about Thomas Merton with John Malkovich as our lead. It would be a hit. (10 percent of profits must go to Andy G. and another 5 percent to Discernment Group blog. Thanks.)

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